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Only by the best suppliers.

Raw materials are supplied by the best companies in the world who are leaders at what they do, care deeply about the environment and are certified by European standards for their quality.


The paper is from the best suppliers in the world.

Technically advanced paper grades for a variety of applications. With high performance paper and deep understanding of the demands in complex industries, this kind of speciality papers deliver the highest quality possible for anything from stainless steel interleaving to siliconised release liners for hygiene products to abrasive or foam coating for industrial or construction applications.


The Glue is provided by the most innovative and environmentally driven companies.

Our suppliers offer a high quality range of products for creative paper gluing. Respecting the nature starts with innovation towards green solutions involving renewable source of raw material and high performance.

Ink & Film

The inks and films are supplied by top producers with a constant pursuitĀ of research and development.

Leaders in innovation, with research and development centers that are committed to creating inks, coatings, pigments and other solutions that improve productivity, create new revenue opportunities for customers, and contribute to a more sustainable future.

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