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Paper Sacks are what we have been focusing on for over a decade now, listening to our customers, anticipating their needs and offering smart, affordable, high quality and sustainable solutions. In a world of scarce resources and lots of unecessary waste, it is important to help customers change their product packaging habits and move from plastic to paper.

This is why we have focused our efforts into our paper sacks, that are the best solution for packing building materials, animal feed, flour, cement, medicinal plants, chemicals, and lots more. If you are looking for a high performance, ECO-friendly, food grade quality packaging and flexibility you are at the right place.


Our paper sacks have a variety of applications across several industries. We are here to adapt to your business needs and help you transition into the use of paper packaging, offering different variations of Paper Sacks in terms of size, materials, films, valves and other various configurations.

Some of the industries covered by our solutions are as follows:

  • Paper Sacks for the Food Industry (different kinds of flour, powders, etc)
  • Paper Sacks with Film for the Construction Industry (cement, coatings, etc)
  • Medical plants & herbs
  • Chemicals
  • Animal feed

Our production capacity is 60 million sacks per year.

Configurations & Variations

  1. Glossy paper for the outer layer for a high-quality and striking appearance
  2. Various sizing options
  3. Various valve designs, adapted to the customer’s needs
  4. Highly air-permeable paper for optimum filling times
  5. Films as a moisture barrier in thicknesses from 8 to 100µm
  6. Anti-slip coating for increased static and dynamic friction coefficients
  7. Varnish to protect the print from discoloring other items
  8. Water-soluble papers and adhesives
  9. Internal films/PE coatings for products with residual moisture or fatty products
  10. Inner bottom cap for an outstanding seal

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