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Each day society is faced with the environmental pollution by various artificial materials and waste, which, of course, negatively affects the climatic changes and deteriorates the quality of our life.

With the paper supplied by the best producers in the world, Gulit supports the preservation of the environment is the fact that all our products can be recycled, which means that all papers, after being used, are going back to the production process. Thus, we are saving forests the lungs of the earth guided by the motto FROM NATURE TO NATURE!

The ink, provided by the world’s highest rated companies, is certified with the “Certificate for the awarding and use of the OK COMPOST conformance mark” issued by the AIB Vinçotte International Certification Organization. They were checked for compliance with the requirements of the EN 13432 Standard by the OWS – Organic Waste System – international test laboratory, which boasts multi-annual experience in the field of biodegradability, biocompatibility and Eco toxicity. This kind of certification was also supplemented with additional OK COMPOST HOME which proves the evident attention not just to industrial waste management but also, and above all, to private consumers’ needs, given the intended use of printed products.

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