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Leading producer of paper and polypropylene sacks in Albania


GULIT Company has started its activity in 1995 by importing and trading different products. Later the company was focused only importing polypropylene sacks that are used for flour, wheat, corn, ect. Since then GULIT has become the main supplier of the Albanian market in the packaging industry.


In 2005, meanwhile importing polypropylene products, the company invested by buying machinery to produce paper sacks that are used for the food industry and building materials.


Following the continuous success, in 2011 GULIT invested by buying more machinery of the latest technology from Austria, for producing polypropylene sacks of different dimensions that can be used for a variety products.


In 2013, GULIT Invested by buying the latest German Technology machine for producing paper sacks of different dimensions, increasing diversity of products, improving quality and also increasing the quantity of production with a capacity of 40 million sacks per year.


Today, GULIT is the only producer of paper sacks and polypropylene sacks in Albania. Our staff of engineers and technicians has been trained by german engineers and has high professional level.

GULIT‘s¬†objective is to be the leader in paper sack production by offering credibility to our clients, low cost, and pursuing new opportunities of business development, to provide competitive prices with high quality products, according to European standards.

We aim to be soon a part of the international market, with our products, because we are one of the companies with the highest capacity, in paper sack production.

GULIT is open to work with all producers and trade subjects, that are using paper and polypropylene sacks for packiging their products.

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